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Arts et couleurs
Curated by Lara Baladi
Produced by the Association Française Artistiques (AFAA), 2004

Art et Couleurs, Photographs by Youssef Safieddine provides an intimate look at the family life of photographer Youssef Safieddine, mostly documenting his personal and private life with his wife Fatmeh.

Discovered on a research trip to Dakar, Senegal, Studio Safieddine had lost almost all its photographic archive; negatives and prints had been given to patrons, rejected portraits had been destroyed, and glass negatives had been sold in the market, to be melted down and re-used. What had been preserved were the photographs taken by Safieddine of his personal life; self-portraits where he performs daily tasks or engages in leisure activities, such as playing the accordion, spending time with friends at a party, or sharing an intimate moment with his wife.

The exhibition depicts the photographic life of Youssef and Fatmeh Safieddine during the 1960s, a time of economic growth, hula hoop parties, beehive hairdos and the Beatles. It was also a time when couples modeled their lives on romance stories and love songs. The photographs of Youssef and Fatmeh portray their romance, their vacations in Spain and Egypt, carefully capturing perfect moments in a couple's life. The photographs evolve with the times: from black and white shots, to montages, to hand colored images and Kodak color pictures. The photographs immortalize the successful professional, social and familial aspects of Youssef and Fatmeh's life.

30 modern silver prints


Les Cinquième Rencontres de la Photographie Africaine
Bamako, Mali, November 2003
Galeries FNAC
Paris, France, February-April 2004   
Centre de Culture Contemporaine de Barcelone
Barcelona, Spain, February-April 2004
Saline Royale d'Arc et Senans
Arc et Senans, France, August-October 2005