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The Annual Fund is vital in providing unrestricted resources, enabling the organization to exercise greater independence on issues of financial management and project initiation.

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Al Sanayeh Technical school
Beirut, Lebanon
Antoine Scavo et Fils
Collection: Mohsen Yammine
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The AIF cares for a rare and unrivaled collection of photographs and other related visual materials. It produces outstanding exhibitions and publications that shed much needed light on the artistic, social and political histories of the Arab world. Its projects provide for a dynamic exchange of ideas about visual culture. And its support of artists and scholars leads directly to the creation of both challenging and rewarding new works.

As a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of cultural artifacts and non-commercial practices, the AIF relies on support not only from international funding bodies but, even more crucially, from individual donors and members of the community it serves. There are many ways to support the AIF, ranging from modest to more substantial and including donations that can never be measured in financial terms (time, counsel, critical feedback).

The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising drive whose contributions sustain the AIF in the most fundamental of ways, day to day, project to project, from a story about an incredible cache of pictures hidden away somewhere to the opportunity to see those pictures, beautifully preserved, brilliantly studied, on public view.

The foundation is generously supported by:

Norway Embassy
Sharjah Art Foundation
Robert A. Matta Foundation


Alexandre Medawar
Nada Aoueini
Touma Arida
Reem el Faisal
Hubert Fattal
Taghrid and Motasim el Hajaj
Latifa Kosta
Rami el Nemr
Mind The Gap
Fondation Sybille Sursock
Talal el Zein

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Hana and Nabil Akari
Mona Akl
Maha el Khalil Chalabi
Rima Chehadé
Lady Hala Cochrane
Tamara, Lara and Diana Daouk
Elie Doumit
Ibrahim Fadlallah
Imad Fawaz
Neyla de Freige
Essia Hamdi
Lynna Kalo
Frances Kazan
Najib Menhall
Dalia Rishani
Christina and Oussama Salam
Malek Salamé
Marius Saradar
Youssef Salim Takla
Sarah Trad
Rima and Youssef el Zein
Leila Ziadé
Ziad Rajab